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Ben Seale is a multi-talent creative based in Portland, Oregon and is the owner of two successful vintage shops. Ben's passion lies in creativity, and he has experience in marketing, styling, acting and design. He loves to get involved in projects from the ground floor and always works hard to deliver outstanding results.


Trash Baby Ryko Films

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 2.24.35 PM.png

Styling work, wardrobe and costume design for the film, "Trash Baby" by RYKO Films.  To Be Released.

What Me Worry Music Video

Styling work the music video "What Me Worry?" for the band Portugal: The Man.


Valley Studios

Valley Studios is my newest shop, opened two years ago in the heart of South East Portland Oregon.

It showcases my favorite curation of classic vintage, gifts and art.

Here I have done many installations in order to appeal to changing style trends and to keep my shop feeling new and beautiful.

My customer base here has a very specific eye for higher end vintage and rare items. 

Focus Group


I have been running my shop, Focus Group, for five years on Hawthorne Blvd in the center of the vintage district of Portland Oregon.  I use this shop to try out new upcoming ideas for trends and adapt quickly to what the younger audience is looking for.  Unlike other vintage shops, we try and keep an open mind to what younger generations are looking for.  Some of my clames to fame here are a very early selling of Carhartt, Y2K, 90s T-Shirts and Great Basics.  Here is where I have fun and rework vintage pieces bringing my own designs into the vintage community. 

We second as a gallery where we host artists, have art shows and music events. 

Styling for UNLESS clothing 

Styling and wardrobe for UNLESS clothing

Styling and assistant for New Balance x Teddy Santis



Workshopped an introduction production and video idea for the Always Sunny podcast.  Utilized ideation and copywriting skills.

Sprinkles & Spice

Set Design


Marketing work for UBER Eats and Burger King with agency, Kamp Grizzly, where I worked on  copywriting, ideation and general creative. 


Ideation for a potential collectible card gallery for Fanatics headquarters for Kamp Grizzly.

Number 13

Public Relations


Ideation and general creative for a potential D.O.N. issue 4 shoe release for Kamp Grizzly.

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